Town Hall Closed and Disinfected as Council Employee Develops Coronavirus in Southern Spain

The spraying of disinfectant commences Credit: La Linea Council

IN anticipation of the possibility of a council worker in La Linea de la Concepcion catching Coronavirus, a protocol to deal with such an event was created and was then put into action today (Monday March 16) when an employee became infected.

The town hall was immediately closed down, the building evacuated and a local company Athisa was called in by the local health department with the approval of the Local Police to undertake a series of works.

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The first action was to disinfect the entire area, followed by ‘shock cleaning’ by specialist workers and this will be followed by the letting off of smoke bombs throughout the building.

Once this is completed the building will be left empty for 24 hours before any staff would be allowed to return.

All council buildings will be disinfected on a weekly basis until the State of Alarm is lifted or other measures are determined by the Spanish government.


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