The deserted streets of Alicante city are sanitised to combat the spread of COVID19

ACTION: UTE Alicante has been tasked with sanitising the streets of Alicante city.

A STREET disinfection plan has been rolled out in Alicante city with more than 500 workers assigned to sanitise the roads, pavements, public areas and shopping centres with high pressure equipment.

The Mayor, Luis Barcala, has also ordered the concessionary company for the cleaning, collection and management of waste, UTE Alicante, to ensure all containers and litter bins are disinfected “with the aim of achieving the best conditions of hygiene and sanitation in the streets of Alicante”.

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Barcala has suspended the collection of bulky items at the request of residents, the cleaning of beaches and bathing areas and mobile ecopoint services.

But he has ensured that normal waste collection and cleaning services will continue to operate on a daily basis, and has called on members of the public to do their bit to help by disposing of waste responsibly and avoiding dumping bags on public roads.

For its part, UTE has taken special measures to disinfect all vehicles, tools and equipment, and introduced a staggered shift pattern so that employees are not working in crowds.


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