Spain’s Ministry of Health launches COVID19 self test online

ONLINE: COVID19 self test offers advice and recommendations.

SPAIN’S Ministry of Health has created a coronavirus ‘self test’ online.
Concerned members of the public can check symptoms and there is a questions and answers section related to COVID19.
The interactive test has been developed by health personnel, and “provides the population with an agile and immediate system in which to find updated information on issues related to the coronavirus”.
A Conselleria Sanidade health spokesperson said: “The fact that the test customises answers through specific questions, makes it possible to offer recommendations adapted to the particular situation of each person.”
There are four options, depending on the scenario – the option for people with possible symptoms, another for those in isolation offering advice, a third with recommendations for people who have tested positive and a fourth offers general information.
It will run alongside other Ministry of Health initiatives, such as the freephone 900 400 166.
The test, currently offered in Spanish, can be found at:

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