A MOTORIST has been given a €1,200 fine for going into a teenager on a pedestrian crossing in Marratxi while driving under the influence of alcohol.

The driver was going along the Ma-2040 close to the Festival Park commercial centre in January last year when he hit the 16-year old on the zebra crossing.

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The youngster suffered injuries to his back, head and legs in the incident, and was in hospital for several months.

A Guardia Civil patrol did a breathalyzer at the accident scene, which showed the driver had alcohol levels at double the permitted amount.

The public prosecutor accused the motorist of recklessly causing injury and violating traffic safety, and called for a five-month prison sentence and the withdrawal of his driving licence for three years.

Last week the public prosecution office reduced the request to the fine and to the loss of his licence for two years after reaching an agreement with the defendant and his lawyer.


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