New bride whose Benidorm honeymoon is cancelled hour before flight sends message of support

CANCELLED HONEYMOON: Frank and Helen sent messages of support to Benidorm businesses. CREDIT: Helen Kissane Facebook

A NEW bride whose Benidorm honeymoon was cancelled yesterday – an hour before departure – has sent messages of support to the resort’s businesses, holidaymakers and residents caught up in the coronavirus lockdown.

Helen Kissane and Frank Wood tied the knot in Barnsley on Friday, March 13, and together with six friends, were looking forward to flying to sunny Benidorm.

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Helen told Euro Weekly News: “We found out an hour before that Jet 2 were cancelling our flights, the day after our wedding. But I knew we weren’t going because the taxi driver told me in the car that they were turning planes around mid air. Jet 2 has been ok so far, to be fair.

“I’m glad we didn’t fly into a ghost town, but we feel for all of the businesses, St Patrick’s Day celebrations are such a big event for them.”

Helen, who also celebrated her birthday yesterday, added: “Our honeymoon is cancelled, but we will find something else to do. Our thoughts are with all of the people of Benidorm, and we will definitely see them soon. Take care.”





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