Madrid President warns number of Coronavirus deaths & infected set to multiply in Spain’s capital

residence Madrid city
Madrid has been the epicentre of the Coronavirus in Spain.

Madrid’s President Isabel Díaz Ayuso has warned today that the number of Coronavirus-related deaths and infected in Spain’s capital are set to multiply. She expressed her support for the Government’s latest moves to put the nation on high alert and restrict the movement of its citizens, to halt the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

However, she has warned the Government that “a huge wave of infected and deaths are on the way. It’s going to be traumatic.” The number of deaths doubled in just one day to 133, yesterday, and Madrid has now become the epicentre of the Coronavirus in Spain.

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Ayusa has demanded more medical supplies and protective material for the capital’s heath centres to cope with the surge in Coronavirus cases. She has also stressed to the public that they must collaborate by ‘staying at home’.


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