Spain’s homeless centres continue to care as coronavirus takes a hold

STAY AT HOME: Not an option for Spain's 40,000 homeless people.

WHILE the whole of Spain is advised to ‘stay home’ as coronavirus continues to spread, for the country’s estimated 40,000 homeless people (NGO statistics), this is not an option.
Shelters across Spain are keeping vital day centres open, but, in the face of the pandemic, their activities are restricted.
Nevertheless, they are maintaining individual care and all basic needs services in the wake of Spain being declared a ‘state of emergency’.
Extiende La Mano Torrevieja is a registered charity in Alicante. It’s mission is to provide help and welfare assistance to the homeless and needy.
In a statement today, they said: “We continue to provide one meal per day at 1pm to our 80 plus homeless on record, many thanks for your support.”
Day centres for the homeless continue to make their presence felt, particularly in Madrid.
But in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, these organisations are having to limit visits to those which are ‘strictly necessary’, as well as suspending group activities, professional practices and volunteer activities.
“You can’t close down homeless shelters, obviously. This “I’m staying home” thing, you can’t say that. It’s limiting the activity in the centres. Everyone has to be taken care of. There are certain activities that have to do with training or socio-educational activities, which are sometimes done in groups, and they have all been suspended,” sources from Madrid City Council told Telecinco News.
“We must monitor the symptoms and carry out isolation measures when necessary. The quarantine must be within the centre itself. Their situation is monitored and, among other things, we accompany them to the doctor or to the treatment they may need. We do what is recommended by the health authorities, but adapted to centres where there are large groups of people.”


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