Panic sets in for one supermarket customer in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol who can’t get enough flour into 2 trollies


Whilst most shops in Spain’s Fuengirola remain calm despite the pending lock downs one customer on the Costa del Sol clearly had a panic on obtaining flour despite shops being full of it.

Paul Gregory local financial expert in Fuengirola was gobsmacked  to see a shopper with two trollies full to the brim of flour as he told the Euro Weekly News: ” I’ve seen it all now I really have, I asked her what the hell she was doing and she replied ” getting ready for lockdown” I couldn’t help myself but tell her the shops will remain open and not to be so daft but she took no notice”

” The amusing thing afterwards was watching her trying to load it all in her car, she couldn’t fit it all in with a small boot and kids on the back seats, they were having to ram it in and it was spilling all over the place!” Paul continued.

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Most people though in Fuengirola are shopping sensibly and whilst Supermarkets are busier than normal in most cases it does seem common sense is  prevailing unlike other area’s of Spain.

Paul continued ” I guess with a serious issue taking place at these present times we have to look at the funny side sometimes and this shopper certainly supplied that” he laughed.


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