Costa Blanca communities adjust to closures due to Coronavirus

BEACH CLOSED: Part of regionawide measures to combat the spread of Coronavirus

AFTER being forced to close its doors following yesterday’s Valencian government order to combat the spread of Coronavirus, Brew Rock music bar and restaurant in Altea is one of many which plans to donate surplus food to charities and food banks.
In a social media post, the venue urged the public to heed government advice: “Don’t panic. The situation in Spain over the COVID19 is complicated and we want to collaborate, waiting for it to end as soon as possible. That’s why we have to announce…we will be closed until further notice.
“It is important that we collaborate and be aware that the best way is to spend a few days at home. Thanks for your understanding and we will see each other again very soon.”
Meanwhile, other restaurants are offering a takeaway service during the enforced closure.
Members of the public have taken to social media to show their support to businesses affected by the government restrictions.
Comments include: “As soon as they (the businesses) are allowed to reopen, we must support them.”
Another Facebook user wrote: “Everyone should. Take turns to throw ‘We Survived’ parties with special offers to male everyone join in.”
More than 12 hours after the offical midnight lock down, there still appears to be inconsistency in Costa Blanca towns.
While the beach and its facilities in Albir are closed (similarly in Altea snd Benidorm), Eucalyptus Park and children’s playground remains open.
Shops selling clothes etc continue to trade, together with Lottery shops and massage parlours.
Supermarkets remain packed, with diminishing shelves.


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