Communities support one another on the Costa Blanca in the midst of the coronavirus crisis

SUPPORT: Coronavirus unites communities of expats. Credit: Shutterstock

COMMUNITIES across the Costa Blanca are coming together to support one another as the coronavirus continues to spread.
In the wake of a Spanish Government enforced lock down, members of the public are offering their support to those in need.
In the Costa Blanca, a dog rescuer and trainer has offered his support to vulnerable people who are confined to their homes.
Danny del Castillo of Hondon de los Nieves, said: “If any senior or vulnerable person in the valley needs to stay at home because of the risk of COVID19, as recommended, and needs help with their shopping or walking their dog, I offer my help.”
And translator Ali Cia, who lives overseas, posted to residents of the Hondon Valley: “If anyone has an issue and needs to speak with health authorities in Spanish, but only speak English or French, please send me a private message. I am a Spaniard living in Canada. I can help you with translation over the phone, for free.”
Their pledges of support have been met with a warm response, with Susy Jan-Row replying: ” So beautiful to see such kindness. This is the way it should be, a community coming together in the face of a crisis instead of losing our heads and being selfish. We need to consider those who are most vulnerable.”

Nationwide movement restrictions were announced by the Spanish Government this afternoon, and will be enforced from at 8am on Monday morning.

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People will be on ‘house arrest’ with eight exceptions, including to travel to and from home, purchase food, visit health centres and chemists and to care for the vulnerable and dependants.


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