Citizens Advice Spain offers advice to expats as coronavirus grips the country

ADVICE: CAB Spain offers advice on bus travel

CITIZENS Advice Bureau Spain has issued advice to all expats in Spain as the country verges on total lockdown to combat the spread of coronavirus.

While the organisation said it would not answer any questions related to the (il)legality of going out, visiting people or places etc, it advised: “We all need to take responsibility and follow the government’s guidelines. Stay home, wash hands frequently and if you have relevant symptoms, call the corona helpline from the health authorities in your area.

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“If worried about a flight, contact the airline.”

The post went on: “Follow your Town Hall’s Facebook page for the latest local news with regards to the possible closure of businesses, shops, parks, beaches and/or roads. Look up your regional government’s webpage and check for updates regularly.

“We will update info with regards to nationally valid measures on our website when we can. Just type ‘Corona’ to bring them up. This FAQs contains links to all our publications as well.”


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