Special Commission to Investigate Endesa Fraud in Velez-Malaga’s San Francisco Market

Endesa Fraud: Velez Malaga in trouble as council conducts investigation. Credit: Pexels

THE Popular Party in Velez-Malaga has called for a special commission to investigate the San Francisco Market and conduct an audit regarding their management and contracts. Their objective is to uncover why the electric utility company, Endesa, has accused the contracted establishments of committing fraud and cut off all power supply. The investigation will cover the market’s management and contracts from 2015 till present.

The deputy speaker of the party, Luis García, has informed that this investigation has come about after Endesa cut off all power supply to 16 different establishments within the market for apparent fraud in contracting the electrical services.

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Several businesses have been accused of being directly connected to power supplies, with no kind of energy meter, since the inauguration of the market in September of 2018. PP wants to make clear, that if this is truly is the case, those entities and peoples who were fraudulently accessing power supplies must rectify the situation themselves.

The PP party worries that what has happened is not an administrative error but rather a case of fraud, they argue that they will reach the bottom of this and demand explanations from all parties involved.


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