Mallorca police prevent illegal car races in Palma

GATHERING: Police found a congregation of more than 100 vehicles. CREDIT: Shutterstock

LOCAL police stopped illegal racers in their tracks in the Son Oms district of Palma.

More than 350 people had gathered with more than 100 vehicles at around midnight at an industrial estate with the intention of running high-speed races, Spanish press reported.

Police got wind of the plans however. A team of officers was dispatched which prevented the racing from going ahead.


They identified 109 people in all, 109 of them drivers of the vehicles. They also carried out an exhaustive check on the car documentation to verify whether everything was in order.

Police immobilised two of the vehicles due to significant irregularities and issued sanctions for around 30 traffic violations.

Nearly 20 of the vehicles had altered exhaust pipes which meant they made a huge racket when the driver put their foot on the accelerator.

Four of the cars had not been MOTed and three lacked insurance.

Officers could not detain anyone for reckless driving though as none of the vehicles were moving at the time of the intervention.


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