Light relief for self employed workers affected by the Coronavirus crisis

AID: Self emploed workers affected by coronavirus will receive government aid. CREDIT: Shutterstock

SELF-EMPLOYED workers infected with coronavirus, or in forced quarantine will be eligible for financial aid.

The Spanish Government has approved measures which will come as a relief to many after Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez today announced the country is in a state of alert, with regions brace themselves for total lockdowns

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The pledge of support is reportedly ‘unlimited’ and will mean that self-employed workers who are forced to stay at home will be considered in the same way as employees on official sick leave by the Department of Social Security.

Employers and people who work on a freelance basis will be able to postpone their Social Security payments for three consecutive months in areas and sectors which will be outlined by the health authorities. The contributions will be deferred for 12 months.


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