It’s an ill wind that benefits some Spanish companies over Coronavirus

Deliplus hand gel, hygiene at your finger tips Credit: SPB

AS huge amounts of money are wiped off the value of companies on stock exchanges world-wide, there are some that are benefitting from the demands caused by the Coronavirus.

According to psychiatrists, the obsession to purchase toilet paper in huge quantities is purely caused by panic that someone else is stocking up and the large packaging of toilet paper gives a feeling of self-control – in other words its fear contagion.

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It’s good for the manufacturers and supermarkets but actually won’t keep people safer but one product in particular that will is hand sanitising gel which is flying off the shelves.

One manufacturer, SPB makes the gel for the a supermarket chain and has now increased its production from 3,000 units a day for their small bottle to around 20,000 and has just introduced a larger size producing up to 50,000 per day.

To achieve this, the company has taken on more staff and increased the number of daily shifts so is happy that it will be able to keep up these levels of production provided that it can obtain the necessary raw material.

Already, one of the constituent parts of the gel isopropyl alcohol is costing them more than four times more than prior to the outbreak of the virus despite the huge increase in volume purchased.

Also causing problems are the sourcing of both caps and bottles in which the gel is placed.

The company learnt a great deal from the flu epidemic more than 10 years ago but that did not compare with what is happening today.


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