Grandma forced to pay ‘excessive price’ for coronavirus mask for sick granddaughter

Woman wearing face mask
EXCESSIVE: Grandma pays almost €4 for single mask. Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels

THE grandmother of a 16-year-old who has lupus and is quarantined for her own protection, claims she trawled numerous ‘out of stock’ chemists in Alicante before being charged €3,80 for a single mask.

Araceli Uceda told Spanish newspaper, Informacion, that after an unsuccessful search through pharmacies in Alicante and San Vicente, she evenutally found a chemist with the protective masks in stock.

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She said she asked for a whole box, explaining her grandaughter’s auto-immune disease, but was told she could only buy one, as they were ‘rationing for the coronavirus’.

The furious grandmother explained the teenager needs masks for a month, or she will not be able to leave the house.

She also expressed disgust at ‘the excessive price for an item that is becoming a necessity’.

The teenager spent 10 days in the ICU last May with lung and kidney damage, and her family has been advised to keep isolated.


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