Business as usual at Denia U3A

DENIA U3A LUNCH: Group leaders were thanked for providing an array of activities. CREDIT: Denia U3A

DENIA U3A showed its appreciation for the support and enthusiasm given by its group leaders by hosting a lunch for them at DeniArros this week.

More than 30 leaders attended and enjoyed good food and wine. They represented the U3A sporty outdoor activities like fishing, petanque, walking and many more, as well as the indoor sedentary, thought-provoking card games, chess, backgammon and literary groups.

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New President, Terence Walker, thanked them all for giving Denia such a wide variety of interests and looked forward to the year ahead.

However, he announced that due to the current situation it had been decided to cancel future events including the Easter lunch, as a precaution against the spread of the Coronavirus.

Terence also gave the group leaders the option of making their own decision on whether to continue or postpone their individual activities.  They were unanimous that they would continue for as long as possible, so it’s business as usual at Denia U3A.



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