Breaking News: More Than 3,000 Reported Coronavirus Cases With 87 Deaths Confirmed in Spain

Professional football in England will not resume until 30 April at the earliest due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus is continuing to spread in Spain, as more than 3,000 cases now have been reported, with the number of victims climbing up to 87 in the country. 

Madrid is the region that is worst affected at a total of 1,388 infected people and 38 dead.

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Andalucía has also been hit hard by COVID-19 in the last couple of days. In the last few hours alone 36 new cases have been confirmed in the region, including the first recorded in Granada. Earlier today we reported that the Ministry of Health in Andalucía has decided to hire 4,000 health professionals to contain the spread of the virus and to better care for those already infected.


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