Belgian School Accused of Allowing Offensive and Racist Photo to be Published

The photo that caused the complaints Credit: Twitter

AN end of term photo of Flemish students in Belgium dressed up as Chinese people and pandas holding a sign saying Corona Time has been condemned on social media as offensive and racist, although their school say that no offence was intended.

Those shown are aged between 17 and 18 and were taking part in an annual school event which celebrates the end of their secondary schooling in what is known as the 100 Days Celebration.

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According to the school which posted the photo on its Instagram and Facebook pages (before removing it following the backlash) the decision to dress as Chinese was made before the Coronavirus became widespread but accepted that the addition of facemasks, surgical gloves and the placard may have caused offence.

The fact that one of those in the picture was seen pulling at the corners of her eyes, was also considered a gesture that was derogatory to people of Asian descent.


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