Vicar woman arrested following gruesome discovery of new-born baby body on Costa Almeria


THE gruesome discovery of the body of a new-born baby in a rural area of Vicar on Tuesday led to the arrest of a young woman believed to be the mother a few hours later, Spanish media reported.

According to Spanish press the detainee lives in a very humble property surrounded by greenhouses and smallholdings in the Las Cimillas area, and earns her living as a farmhand. It was also reported that neighbours had been well aware that she was pregnant, but she had always denied it.

Press speculated that she could have given birth at home without anyone knowing and in distinctly less than desirable conditions, and then decided to get rid of the baby.


A member of the public allegedly alerted the emergency services after the body of the little girl was found half buried next to a wall, hidden among old clothes, a mattress and plastic containers.


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