Velez-Malaga Town Hall find perfect spot for local police in Axarquia

Perfect location: Request for Police Administration office.Credit: Ayuntamiento de Velez-Malaga

VELEZ-Malaga Town Hall has presented a motion to request that the old Correos office, located in the Capuchinos area, should house Administration Department of the Policia Local.

The vice-spokesman, Luis García, explained that this property, opened in 1977, was closed a few years ago by the Dirección Provincial de Correos, as it was “currently without any use and in a continuous state of deterioration due to its lack of maintenance and conservation”.

During the period 2011-2015, conversations began with the Correos for the incorporation of the office to the municipal heritage, although at that time it was not possible due to the price.


However, due to its size and its “strategic” location, next to headquarters of the Policia Local, the property is “ideal”.

“Its adaptation would not involve a strong investment in the municipal coffers and would result in a notable improvement of the public services provided by our Policia Local to the residents while ending the deplorable situation of the current police facilities,” said Luis Garcia.



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