Spain’s Nerja’s “Crusade” on Caravans: One Hundred Caravans Fined


Nerja is tired of caravans parking everywhere around the city and has declared un unspoken “war” against the caravans. This week alone, about one hundred caravans were fined, most of them from the North of Europe.

Posters have been put up declaring that it’s forbidden to park caravans in certain areas, but caravan owners refuse to follow the new rules. The fine is normally around €50.

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The organisation PACA  (Plataforma de Autocaravanas Autónoma de España), an organisation of caravan owners, has raised about fifty complaints against the new rules after being fined.

“It’s like a pigsticking!” complains Jésus Gallardo, president of PACA. “We are a group of visitors that respect the norms and, by the way, contribute with about €60 every day we stay in Nerja!” he continues. 


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