Taxi Firm and Municipal Bus Service Working Together on Costa del Sol Spain

Announcement of the deal Credit:

AN advertising and sponsorship deal has been struck between InnoBen the municipal company responsible for public transport as well as advertising hoardings in Benalmadena and RadioTaxi Benalmadena.

As taxi rates have changed, Innoben will arrange to have printed a number of stickers showing the company logo and the new taxi rates which will be placed inside all of the RadioTaxi vehicles.

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Both sides believe that this arrangement is beneficial to each other as the new fares need to be advised to passengers travelling in the taxis and InnoBen will benefit not only by having its name recognised but from the fact that residents and tourists will be likely to take advantage of some of its services.

Although it may appear that taxis and buses are rivals, in fact they are not as they offer different services depending upon traveller’s needs.


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