Spain’s traffic police now using ‘undetectable’ radars to catch speeding drivers


Spain’s traffic police, the Guardia Civil, are now using a new radar that is reported to be practically ‘undetectable’ by drivers. The new Velolaser radar, provided by the country’s General Directorate of Traffic will make it easier for the traffic police to catch and fine speeding drivers on Spanish roads. They are now already widely used by the Guardia Civil, despite the controversy it generated when they were initially launched, particularly by bikers.

The new Velolaser is also mobile and more versatility. Overall, it’s much more compact and capable of being installed practically anywhere. This new improved version can be installed on a tripod next to the patrol car as before, on a guardrail, hooked to a signal or even in a patrol car or on a police motorbike.

Thanks to the new laser technology, the margin of error on this radar model has dropped from 7% to 5%, so speeding drivers need to watch out as they will only be able to go 5km over the limit before they are fined – if they get caught, of course.



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