Small numbers, big voice as Malaga International Women’s Day march took to the streets of the Costa del Sol

Important messages: Looking for a fair and equal society" Credit: Twitter

NUMBERS dropped in those attending the annual International Women’s Day march last Sunday in Malaga. Last year there were 50,000 people, however, possibly due to current health worries, only 15,000 joined the march this year. However, the important message was still delivered with the same energy and motivation.

Under the central slogan, ‘Mujeres en acción, feminismo, lucha y transformación’, women, along with a small number of men and children, called for equality and an end to violence against women.

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The symbolic colour for the special day was purple and was evident in the T-shirts and scarves of the marchers, as well as the banners and placards they carried from the city’s Alameda de Colón up to the Plaza de la Constitución.

Organisers called for “a fair and equal society” in the manifesto read at the end of the march which also pushed for a society free of oppression, exploitation and violence and the use of effective measures to prevent attacks on women. Points were also raised condemning the lack of stable working conditions and cases of dismissal due to pregnancy.


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