Health Centre Needs Improvement after 20 Years of Neglect on Costa del Sol Spain

Demonstrators outside the council office Credit: Jorge Romero Calvo

RESIDENTS in San Pedro Alcantara are so furious with various political parties which have run the Marbella council over the last 20 years that they took to the streets in an unauthorised protest which attracted attention from the National Police.

It all boils down to improvement work needed at the health centre which has been promised then cancelled for literally decades and although the current council first of all said that it would not pay for the work to be done and then changed its mind, still nothing has happened.

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Last Friday (March 6) as the group had been unable to obtain a response to their application granting formal approval for a demonstration (which requires 10 days’ notice and issue of a digital certificate confirming it may proceed), a number of locals gathered outside the local council office in Church Square in the centre of San Pedro.

Not only did they enter the building in order to air their grievances, they also collected some 500 signatures to a petition demanding that the work should start before they were advised by two National Police officers that they were holding an unauthorised demonstration.

Although they did eventually disperse, they now advise that a similar event is planned at 6.30pm on Friday March 13 to coincide with the three month anniversary of the appointment of the deputy mayor.


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