BREAKING NEWS: Spain’s Prime Minister promises help for families & businesses affected by Coronavirus

Although the Spanish economy, which came to a total standstill around two weeks ago, comes out of hibernation tomorrow, "lockdown restrictions will be maintained", says Spain's President. Credit: Shutterstock

This evening, Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has promised help for working families with children, the tourism industry and small- and medium-sized businesses that have been affected by the Coronavirus.

“We are going to face some difficult weeks ahead, but we will overcome them,” he said at a press conference today. He addressed the public after a video conference with EU leaders to create a coordinated plan of action to deal with the pandemic, which has caused over 4,000 deaths worldwide.

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The European Commission announced funds of approximately 25,000 million euros to guarantee well-functioning health systems, support for small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as the labour market in member states.

Spain also banned all flights from Italy to Spain earlier today, as reported. There are currently over 1,677 people infected with the Coronavirus in the country, with the death toll reaching 35 to date. Italy’s death toll stands at 631 – increasing 36% in just a day – from 463 deaths reported yesterday.


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