BREAKING NEWS: Nine Tourists Quarantined in Torremolinos Hotel in Costa Del Sol after Testing Positive for Coronavirus

Hotel Don Sol where the tourists currently remain in quarantine

The tourists, a majority of who are American citizens, were infected by their tour guide and now remain in quarantine at the Sol Don hotel establishment in Torremolinos.

Although they do not currently show any symptoms, the nine tourists have all tested positive for coronavirus. The group is predominantly American but there are also other nationalities affected. Since they do not yet show symptoms, they will be quarantined for a total of 14 days and they must follow the protocols dictated to them by medical services. Each day the tourists will be monitored and their temperature will be recorded.

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The tourists who were abroad on a trip organised by a travel agency were vacationing in Hotel Don Pablo but have since been transported to another establishment which will remain closed due to low season.

The hotel confirms that business activities “can continue to operate as normal, given that they follow the global protocol established by Melia Hotels International”.


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