Nicked for passing himself off as Mallorca copper and trying to get into woman’s home

Jail term for fake news. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A MAN who passed himself off as a Palma policeman and tried to get into the house of a woman who lives on her own in the early hours of the morning is under arrest.

National Police detained the 40-year old on charges of impersonation of a public officer.

According to reports the man fake copper presented himself at the woman’s home close to the island capital’s Ses Estacions Park and via the building video intercom system showed her what looked like a police badge.


In fact, it turned out to be a photo of a police ID which he had on his mobile phone.

Press also reported that he had appeared very edgy, saying over and over again there had been a situation of abuse. The woman got suspicious and decided to call 091 to check it out.

There not being any report of officers operating in the area, the 091 centre decided to send out a patrol car.

When the patrol arrived they found the man in the same street and proceeded to identify him. At that point a number of local residents informed the officer he had tried to get into their homes too, again trying the ruse of showing them the image of a police badge on his phone.

Investigators discovered that the same individual tried something similar in a bar in Coll d’en Rabassa on February 19. On that occasion he was accompanied by another man and a woman, all of them wearing what looked like police badges on their chests.

They reportedly went to a number of establishments, where they frisked customers, waiters and bar owners, pocketing any marijuana they found.

The investigation remains open as police try to locate the other suspects.


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