La Luna Beach Environmental Talk by CREMA on the Costa del Sol Spain

On La Luna Beach Credit: La Cala de Mijas Lions

SOME 50 people including members of the La Cala de Mijas Lions recently gathered at La Luna Beach for an environmental workshop and walk along the boardwalk.

The event was organised by Mijas council and Councillor Arancha Lopez welcomed two marine biologists from CREMA who would be taking the workshop and pointing out environmental issues along the walk.

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CREMA (Centro de Recuperación de Especies Marinas Amenazades) is located in Malaga Port and has its own fully equipped hospital specialising in the recovery of turtles and marine mammals. The hospital has an operating room, nursing tanks, necropsy room and facilities for the storage of biological samples. It also has a pool and floating cages for dolphins.

Along with the hospital it has a mobile unit fully equipped with sanitary equipment and prepared for the rapid assistance of mammals and sea turtles.

The workshop on the beach consisted of a talk given about the marine life in the area and a very informative demonstration of how to deal with a beached dolphin, illustrated using a very lifelike model of a dolphin.

They made it clear that if you find a dolphin stranded on the beach, do not attempt to get it back in the water. Simply phone 112 for assistance and they will contact CREMA.

In the meantime, simply keep the dolphin wet and if possible, dig out the sand round its flippers so that the dolphin puts no weight on them.

Following the workshop those present walked along the boardwalk up to the tower at Donna Lola and en route, received information about the plant and animal life along that stretch of the coast.


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