Firefighters clear ‘dangerous debris’ from Alcoy’s roads and paths

CLEAR UP: Firefighters tackle trees obstructing roads and paths in Alcoy. CREDIT: Els Bombers Forestals

FIREFIGHTERS have joined forces with Alcoy Council to restore paths and tracks in the town.

The local authority requested the help of the Valencian Forest Fire Department to remove trees that were hindering or directly preventing cars and pedestrians using certain roads and paths following storm Gloria.

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The BA311 fire unit spent days “improving the natural environment to avoid possible dangers for walkers and visitors”.

Councillor for Ecological Transition and Emergencies, Jordi Silvestre, said: “We would like to thank Alcoy Council and the Forest Fire Brigade of the Generalitat, once again and as always, for their collaboration.

“The work carried out in different places, to leave them free of fallen trees after storm Gloria, improves security and also the image of the natural areas of Alcoy and is very positive for all those people who enjoy the wonderful environment we have in the town.”


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