15,000+ people marched through Spain’s Malaga for IWD yesterday – 35,000 less than in 2019

Malaga's International Women's Day march. Photo credit: Frente Feminista, via Twitter

This year’s International Women’s Day march in Malaga, which took place around midday yesterday, attracted approximately 15,000 people. However, it’s estimated that this year’s event, which called for a ‘fair and equal society’, attracted around 35,000 fewer participants compared to last year, according to the organisers.

More than 50,000 people are said to have attended 2019’s International Women’s Day march in Malaga. Many attribute the huge drop in this year’s attendance to Coronavirus fears.

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Nevertheless, the event’s message, calling for ‘equality’ and an ‘end to gender violence’, was delivered with the same passion and energy as past years, reported the organisers. The march, which attracted women, men and children of all ages, started from the city’s Alameda de Colon and ended in the Plaza de La Constitucion.



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