Mallorca police prevent Palma business break-in

CREDIT: Shutterstock

POLICE arrested a 61-year old man for attempted robbery after he was caught trying to break open the metal shutter on a Palma business in the early hours of Saturday morning.

A patrol went to investigate following a call to 091 alerting the authorities to the possible break-in in the Camp d’en Serralta neighbourhood. They came across the 61-year attempting to force the blind open.

When the would-be thief realised the police had arrived he tried to get away in a 4×4, but officers got to him before the vehicle started off and detained him.


They found metal cutters, a hammer, a chisel and gloves on the passenger seat. The officers also seized a screwdriver in a bag he was carrying.

It transpired there was an outstanding arrest warrant for the man issued by a Palma court for breaking and entering.


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