Prosecutor’s Office of Malaga push sentence for roulette robbers on the Costa del Sol

Crafty criminals: Deactivated the security functions. Credit: Shutterstock

TWO men stand accused by the Prosecutor’s Office of Malaga of winning over 9,000 euros in one of the city’s busy games room after tricking the roulette table.

The events took place shortly before 12.45 a.m. on April 16 of last year, in a game room located near the Guadalhorce industrial estate.

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Apparently, one of them acted as a lookout so nobody would notice them, while the other went directly to the roulette. The prosecutor explains how the culprit acted, he lifted the dome and, with a screwdriver, deactivated the security functions, and then placed the ball in the desired place without sounding the alarm.

Therefore, in just half an hour they managed to get €9,222.20, as stated in the prosecution’s brief.

After making this account of the facts, the representative of the Ministerio Público

considers that the defendants are responsible for an alleged crime of fraud. For this reason, he asks that they be sentenced to two years in jail each and that they repay the money.


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