Job done on Costa Almeria’s La Hoya road in Cantoria

BENEFITS: Mayor Puri Sanchez said the improvements meant a safe road for discovering some of the most beautiful parts of Cantoria CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Cantoria

CANTORIA council has opened the La Hoya road following €300,000 of improvements.

The local authority had included the road in the 2014-2020 Andalucia Rural Development Programme because, Mayor Puri Sanchez explained, “We needed not only to guarantee accesses, but that that they were safe, with roads which comply with European regulations in regard to dimensions, visibility and accessibility to the outlying districts and agricultural areas.

“Now we can guarantee these minimums, but at the same time we have reopened a safe road which allows for getting to know those truly special corners of Cantoria, landscapes of extraordinary beauty, which until just a few weeks ago were inaccessible due to the state of the highway”, Sanchez added.


The council said the main aim of the project had been to meet the needs of the municipal agricultural sector in terms of a basic network of communication in rural areas, with the improvement of infrastructure to increase the competitiveness of farming, stockbreeding and forestry.

At the same time, the local authority pointed out, “the reconstruction” of the road meant a notable improvement in terms of accessibility for residents and farm workers, as well as industrial vehicles and machinery.


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