Costa Blanca flood aid drips down

The government is slowly approving payments towards flood damage

THE VALENCIAN government has approved the payments of “essential aid” to 192 additional people that suffered losses in the Vega Baja region due to last September’s storms. That’s a small fraction of the 8,451 applications that the authority received before the closing date of December 31st, with an “essential aid” budget of 13.5 million euros to be distributed. The latest list of recipients was officially published in last Friday’s Official Gazette of the Valencian government, and they will share over 383 thousand euros between them. The money is used to replace and compensate Vega Baja area residents for destroyed essential items and properties caused by the Gota Fria, but there has been strong criticism over how slowly the grants are being handed out. Grants can go up to four-and-a-half thousand euros per application, and the Valencian administration has again reiterated that “it was a priority to help everybody hit by the storms in September”.
They pointed out that people who had their cars destroyed had been given replacement vehicles or will get one in the future, whilst a 30 million euro budget had been allocated to help residents who had suffered structural damage to their homes. 500 thousand euros has also been put aside to pay for rental accommodation


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