Motril invests in its parks and gardens for ‘greater use and enjoyment’

SPRUCING UP: Motril’s green areas are being tidied up. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Motril

EFFORTS are being made ‘further improve’ the condition of Motril’s parks and gardens for ‘greater use and enjoyment’ of the public.

The Town Hall of Motril has extended the current contract with the company ‘Acanthus Servicios Sostenibles S.L.’, with which it has signed a service contract for the maintenance of green areas and road trees in Playa Granada and Motril.

The purpose of this extension is to contract the maintenance of green areas and street trees in the town, which are currently managed directly by the Municipal Service of Parks and Gardens, as well as various area.


This means increasing the cost of the contract by 10 per cent, to €16,369.92 (€4,910.98 for cleaning and €11,458.94 for maintenance.

Areas earmarked for improvement include: the Rambla de Capuchinos (bilioteca), Plaza Acuario, Confederación y Posta, Plaza de la Aurora, Plaza del Enano, the Narciso González Cervera grove and Plaza del Tranvía.

Also included are the gardens around the courts, the Iglesia Mayor de la Encarnación, the Mundo and Aledaños rivers, the Camino de los Guajaredos, the Plaza del Generalife, the Jardinillos, the Plaza de España and the tree groves in the Plaza de San Agustín.

Concepción Abarca, of the Parks and Gardens department, said this contractual extension will allow to improve “even more” the state of the landscaped areas of the town for “a greater use and enjoyment”.


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