Fines named as host for Costa Almeria music band provincial festival

NEW BASE: The provincial Culture and Cinema deputy inaugurated a new space for the municipal bands meetings and rehearsals CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria Facebook @diputaciondealmeria

FINES will host the 21st edition of the Music Band Provincial Festival, Diputacion de Almeria, Culture and Cinema deputy Manuel Guzman has announced.

The event will take place this summer, and will, the deputy said, make the municipality the “epicentre of municipal music.”

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Guzman made the announcement during a recent visit to Fines to inaugurate a new 300sqm base for the local Music Band Cultural Association’s meetings and rehearsals and a 600sqm multi-purpose space.

The projects were carried out under the PFEA Rural Employment Development Plan with a €155,000 investment, creating 1,283 working days for Fines residents.

The deputy referred to the provincial government-managed plan as “an effective tool for the councils to fight against depopulation and create equal opportunities.

“The PFEA contributes to modernising and improving the public services which the councils offer their residents and visitors, generates employment and boosts the local economy”, he added.

The Fines municipal band, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary and currently has some 40 members, marked the occasion with a concert for those attending the inauguration of its new home.

Guzman told the band members they represent “part of the municipal history and take the name of Fines throughout the province.”


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