Celebrity News: Spanish superstar Elsa Pataky donates to Australian emergency services

The stars have always been environmentally conscious: Large donations to emergency services. Credit: Twitter

SPANISH actress and model, Elsa Pataky and her husband, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, have always been very environmentally conscious. So, it comes as no surprise that the couple feels very strongly about recent fires that ravaged the land where they live with their three children, Australia.  The couple’s commitment to helping with the cause is so strong that they have donated almost a million euros to help different organizations.

Such as the NSW Rural Fire Service, County Fire Service in South Australia and to the County Fire Authority in the State of Victoria.

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“We have a position that allows us to contribute to the fight for the environment and influence people so that each one contributes their grain of sand, ” said the actress.

“Never before have there been fires of such magnitude. The heat and drought, together with the fire, have left this country in a very vulnerable state,” she declared “The money we have donated will be used both for forest recovery and wildlife rescue, and will also contribute to the repair of roads and telecommunications infrastructure and to help people directly affected by fires,” she added.

The Hollywood stars live in Byron Bay with their three children, India, seven, and the twins Tristan and Sacha, five. The children take great care of the environment and live in an authentic farm surrounded by animals. According to Elsa, it is completely normal for them to recycle correctly or dispense with plastics. “Living here has allowed us to lead a life very committed to the environment and for our three children to grow up with those values.”


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