Police search for missing 12-year-old girl from Spain’s Getafe

Missing: Young 12-year-old girl from Getafe in Madrid. Credit: Policia Local, Getafe

The local police of Getafe in Madrid have announced the disappearance of a 12-year-old minor today. Her name is Elizabeth Diaz Taveros, and she is described as having a slim frame with curly black, medium length hair. She’s around 1.6m tall and weighs approximately 45kg.

The young girl was last seen wearing black leggings and a red sweatshirt, and carrying a grey suitcase. The police are appealing for anyone who may have some information of her whereabouts to immediately contact the Guardia Civil, or the local/national police. The search for the missing girl is organised by QSD Global, and funded by Paco Lobaton.

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