Costa Blanca rocks and a hard place

CALA COCON:- Helicopter photo of Cruz Roja arrival. Photo Source: Murcia 112 Twitter

A CYCLIST was rescued after falling at Cala Cocon on the Murcia coast in the Cabo de Palos area. Emergency services received a number of calls on Sunday lunchtime from people who were trying to help the man. Reports suggested that he sustained a leg sprain in the fall, as well as suffering from hypothermia. A helicopter was scrambled to the site from the regional emergency base at Alcantarilla, along with a Civil Protection team and a fire crew from Cartagena. A Cruz Roja motorboat came to shore at Cala Cocon, and with the help of Cartagena firefighters, the injured cyclist was put on the boat, which then took him to Cabo de Palos. No details about his identity or condition were released.


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