Costa Blanca flood park briefing

LA MARJAL: San Javier looks at flood park idea. Photo Source: San Javier Ayuntamiento website

SAN JAVIER mayor José Miguel Luengo has visited a park in the Alicante area that has been created by using excess rainwater, to see if the concept can be used to stop flooding in his municipality. Miguel Luengo met up with his Alicante counterpart, Luis Barcala, to check out La Marjal, which opened three years ago in the Playa de San Juan area of the city. He’s stated his interest in copying the idea of La Marjal in parts of San Javier that have problems with flooding, like the Peri de Telefónica. The mayor was accompanied by Public Services councillor, María Dolores Ruiz and a team of municipal technicians, as well as another Marcia region mayor, Joaquín Buendía, from Alcantarilla. Alicante ́s Luis Barcala told his mayoral counterparts about the benefits of La Marjal and the floodwater collection that takes place. The area’s technical manager told the delegation about how the area works and the major benefits that have been gained from a project that has been acknowledged internationally as an excellent way to stop urban areas being flooded. Nearby streets that used to be flooded in San Juan now have collectors that then route excess water to La Marjal to create the lake there, as well as the water being purified and recycled. The park collects some 15,000 cubic metres of water and has plenty in reserve with a capacity for up to 45,000 cubic meters. Besides the crucial role in stopping flooding in a key tourist area, La Marjal has now become a popular attraction for families. Another bonus is that the park has become an important area for the growth of native vegetation and a safe area for a variety of birds. José Miguel Luengo said that answers needed to be found over the floods that the San Javier municipality suffers from.
“The idea of a ‘flood park’ could work in areas such as the Peri de Telefónica where the Rambla de Macodesa causes flooding when torrential storms hit the area,” said the mayor.


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