Costa Blanca beaches get handy help


GUARDAMAR council this week launched a “pioneering initiative” to make sure that three of its beaches are cleaned and maintained in a natural way all by human hand. There are 11.5 kilometres of beaches within the municipality, and the authority says that around seven kilometres of them will benefit from a new system which will see non-natural waste removed by hand, as opposed to using machinery. The council says that it will make sure that natural elements such as algae vegetation and stones will be left in the sand as part of the conservation plans for local beaches. Any waste will be put into bags after it has been raked up off the sand, and just two tractors will travel on the beach right next to the sea as opposed to using the sandy sections. Guardamar ́s municipal services company, Gestel, under manager Juan Ramón Cazorla will run the new cleaning strategy.

“This initiative will have a great impact on conserving the coastal environment, and since Gesnet is a public company, the costs are much lower compared to the private sector doing it,” he said. Playa de les Ortugues, Playa Los Tusales, and Playa Los Viveros saw a manual clear-up begin last Sunday, with the first phase of work running through until May 15th. A five-strong team of Gesnet workers will be used, and then from mid-May, staff numbers will be increased to 13 to take in the high season until mid-September.
“These unspoilt and natural beaches make Guardamar a reference point for the quality of natural beaches, and also what we are doing underlines the fact that preserving the area can run in parallel with anybody wanting to enjoy a day out on the beach,” said beaches councillor, Silvestre Garcia. Guardamar ́s councillor responsible for waste disposal, Mari Carmen Aguilera, added that anybody who uses the beaches ought to appreciate that “keeping the algae on the sand of these natural and living places should contribute greatly to the good state of the beaches, which is something which we all benefit from.”

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