Caught on camera on the Costa Blanca

CCTV reveals vile assault. Photo Source: Guardia Civil

THE GUARDIA Civil has arrested a man in Torrevieja for violently assaulting an elderly woman on an apartment block landing, as he tried to steal her handbag. The events unfolded in the early hours of January 18 when the hooded man, aged 48, “slipped” on the entrance stairs to the landing, and then hugged her as if he knew her. The woman tried to get away, but the landing light went out and the man then threw her to the ground and pressed on her neck as if he was about to strangle her. The violent robber then hit the woman again before exiting the building. Despite there being no witnesses due to the time of the day, a statement from the victim combined with security camera footage eventually led to his arrest. The unnamed man has been charged with the crime of robbery with violence and intimidation.


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