Thriller of a night as Michael’s Legacy arrives at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium Spain

???????????????????????????See the many faces of Michael Jackson Credit: Michael’s Legacy

MICHAEL’S LEGACY is probably the very best show about the king of pop, Michael Jackson which will be presented at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia City on Saturday March 28 (two performances) and March 29.

With a total cast of 20 which includes nine dancers on stage and a singer who replicates Jackson’s voice exceptionally, this is an ideal evening for those who grew up with the former singer from the Jackson Five.

So popular is this Spanish conceived show that more than 200,000 people have seen the performances presented by the Jackson Dance Company.


Even with your eyes open, you will be convinced that this great entertainer has come back to life to perform all of his best songs and dances which are reproduced at the highest quality.

An evening with Michael’s Legacy sees a selection of performances from his various hit albums and tours which will of course include the iconic moonwalk.

Tickets cost from €18 to €28 and may be booked on the Auditorium website.


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