Thieves in family con trick on the Costa Blanca

Thieves would press the doorbell and tell victims that they were visiting relatives. Credit: Shutterstock

FOUR FEMALES, including a teenager, have been arrested by the National Police in Orihuela in connection with four robberies of homes owned by old people in the area. Gang members would press the doorbell of a potential victim and tell them via the intercom that they were relatives coming on a visit. Once inside, one of the women would engage in a conversation with their “mark”, whilst her colleague or colleagues pretended that they wanted a drink of water. They would then work their way around the property and steal any valuable items like jewellery and cash. In one incident, a partially-sighted resident got an unwelcome visit from the thieving tricksters, who are all Spanish and aged between 16 and 47 years. Police said that all of the stolen items had been returned to their owners


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