Spanish man arrested after stabbing outside Malaga club on the Costa del Sol

Brawl outside city club: Man stabbed in abdomen. Credit: SHUTTERSTOCK

POLICÍA Nacional has arrested a 30-year-old man of Spanish nationality in Malaga as allegedly responsible for a crime of injury after allegedly a man was stabbed at the exit of a club in the centre of the capital last Friday.

According to the investigations, there was a brawl at the exit of a nightclub in which a person was injured by a knife. Thanks to a call from a bystander, Policía Nacional and Policía Local quickly arrived at the scene to help the victim and clarify what happened. From inquiries, it has been determined that in the fight, in which several people participated, one of them received a stab in the abdomen and was also sprayed in the eyes with a substance.

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The perpetrator had fled the scene but after collecting all possible information about the events, the alleged perpetrator was identified and was later tracked down and arrested.


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