Spain Celebrates 50 Years of Luxury in One of Costa del Sol’s Most Famous Marinas

Lady Kitty Spencer in Puerto Banus Credit: Puerto Banus

THE name Puerto Banus is known throughout the world and is synonymous with the marina, top name shops, quality bars and restaurants and all round luxury entertainment.

A lot has happened in the 50 years since it was first founded and the area it covers has now grown considerably but it is still considered one of the must see sites for any visitor to Marbella.

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A top destination needs a top representative and Lady Kitty spencer, model daughter of Earl Spencer and niece of the late Diana Princess of Wales attended the unveiling of the new Puerto Banus Anniversary video in her role as Ambassador for the Port.

The owners of Puerto Banus plan to pull out all of the stops to ensure that the anniversary is a year-long celebration and will continue to attract visitors from all over the world to enjoy its very special atmosphere.

So as the weather gets better with the onset of spring, there is little better than enjoying the special ambience of this unforgettable destination whether you arrive in a Ferrari or by bus, all visitors are welcome.


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