School Of Rock Aims to Teach Children in Costa del Sol Town Spain about the Benefits Of Music

Jack Black won't be in Fuengirola this week Credit: Twitter

ALTHOUGH Jack Black won’t be coming to Fuengirola this Friday March 6, the council has arranged for another School of Rock workshop to take place which is aimed at youngsters aged from four to 12 with admission costing €10.

It will be held at the Casa del Cultura between 6pm and 8pm and is a welcome return for La Térmica group from Malaga in association with MiMedia who create similar workshops throughout Spain.

This isn’t just an introduction to rock music in anticipation of the forthcoming Heavy Metal Festival to be held in the town on August 14 and 15 but is intended to promote new values through music which include teamwork, new technology and gender equality as rock music is one area where women have become very important.

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The town has become the main stage for rock music in the Costa del Sol, rivalling Starlite in Marbella so this is an ideal opportunity for youngsters to understand the history of rock, structure of a band, stage presentation and interaction with an audience and as so much of the most popular rock comes from America and the UK the audience may see yet another reason to learn English.

There is just time to register at the Casa de Cultura or on


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