Moraira’s small but important Wildlife Reserve in Costa Blanca

SPANISH TOOTHCARP: At home in the Senillar marsh. Photo credit: Teulada-Moraira town hall

TWO HUNDRED Spanish tooth carp were recently released in Moraira’s Senillar marsh on the Costa Blanca. The freshwater fish, known as fartet in Valenciano, belong to a small native species that is at a greater risk of extinction than any other Iberian vertebrate, explained the regional government’s environment department. Reintroducing the tooth carp, which are classed as a conservation priority, began the marsh began in 2004. This coincided with the Senillar’s designation as a Wildlife Reserve when a programme of periodic conservation operations was agreed between the regional government and Teulada-Moraira’s Environment department. Since then the Generalitat has carried out regular checks on the tooth carps’ progress adding more fish to the marsh and providing the aquatic plants that are needed for their habitat. The town hall has also contributed by providing the necessary upkeep and arranging visits by local school children to introduce them to the small but environmentally-important marsh.


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